Dairy Production, Milk and Milk Products

This Research group focused on the production variables impact on- milk production, cow physiology, production efficiency and environemntal sustainability; milk components and it's processability leading to the dairy products quality. The members of the group are -

  1. Professor Dr. Mohammad Ashiqul Islam
  2. Mr. Md. Abid Hasan Sarker, Assistant Professor
  3. Mr. Md. Rezwanul Habib, Assistant Professor
  4. Mr. Md. Sadakatul Bari, Assistant Professor
  5. Mr. Md. Zakirul Islam, Assistant Professor
  6. Mr. Md. Mazedul Hannan, PhD Student
  7. Mr. Md. Arifur Rahman, MS Student
  8. Mr. Md. Zahangir Alam, MS Student
  9. Mr. Md. Rubayet Ferdous Rupom, MS Student
  10. Anika Yasmin, MS Student
  11. Nilufa Yasmin, MS Student

Few more post-graduate students will join the group very soon.

For publication list visit https://ds.bau.edu.bd/pages/faculty