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Welcome to Department of Dairy Science

The Department of Dairy science mainly focuses on Dairy cattle management and milk and milk products technologies relating to fermented and non-fermented dairy products relating Market milk, Special milks, Cream, Butter, Butter oil, Ice Cream, Cheese, Condensed milk, Dried milk, and milk products, Traditional dairy products, and Dairy by-products.

Department of Dairy Sciences could be the career path for you. Studying the science of dairy food and nutrition will allow you to develop a rewarding, lucrative career with the potential to make a real impact on the wider world.

The breadth of our unique facilities and the quality of our expertise make us an excellent choice for furthering your career in dairy cattle management and dairy products technologies to the postgraduate level. With all specialties of the field covered by one department, you will find an excellent opportunity to obtain valuable master's and Ph.D. degrees whatever your interests.

Department Head

Dr. Raihan  Habib
Dr. Raihan Habib
Contact No : 01712647823
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