General Description

The Bangladesh Agricultural University Dairy Farm is an experimental farm established in 1964. The main purpose of this farm is to produce skilled students and trained persons so that they can take part in the development of the livestock of our country. This farm also provides facilities for conducting research in the different fields of Dairy Science and helping to get a B. Sc. in Animal Husbandry (Hons.) and M. S. in Dairy Science degree.

This farm was designed for rearing one hundred dairy cows herds. But practically this farm contains about fifty dairy cows due to lack of financial facilities. There are no pure dairy breeds on this farm but most of them are crossbred of local with Sindhi, Sahiwal, Holstein, and Jersey or each other. Red-Chittagong, one of the non-standard breed are available on this farm. In addition to this, some buffaloes are kept for bullock curt and sometimes for milk.

The source of income of this farm is the sale of milk, culled animals, and cow dungs. The cow dung is sold or used as fertilizer o increase soil fertility. The routine of feeding, milking, and care has been carried out same time each day because the sudden change of feeding, milking, or routine may harm sensitive animals until these get accustomed to the new change.

There are seventy acres of land under this farm. Out of this land, five acres of more or less fertile land are used for the farmstead, roads, and drainage, and most of the fertile land (sixty-five acres) are used for the cultivation of different types of fodder like Maize, Napier, Para, Matikali, Kheshari, Jumbo, etc. which are the source of cattle feeds.